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I work collaboratively with couples and individuals to identify areas of suffering and to transform these into experiences of personal growth and resilience. Sessions are geared towards facilitating change from the first meeting. My approach is informed both by intuition and evidence, centering on the integration of somatic, cognitive, spiritual, and emotional experience to promote well-being. 

In working with couples, I utilize a process-oriented form of psychotherapy that focuses on repairing ruptures of attachment and shifting patterns of dysfunction through the use of somatic (body) and relational interventions. I have undergone extensive and on-going training in providing Accelerated, Experiential, Dynamic, Psychotherapy (AEDP) for couples with the originator of the approach Dr. David Mars (adapted from the work of Dr. Diana Fosha who founded and conceptualized the theory and practice of AEDP for individuals) and have had the privilege of assisting in training other clinicians to utilize the highly effective method of psychotherapy for couples. 

I have also received training in cognitive behavioral therapy and object relations, and utilize somatic and exposure methods for supporting the resolution of trauma and movement into assets for growth. I specialize in working with people dealing with issues related to substance abuse, childhood trauma, and difficulties finding connection with self and others.

I have had the privilege of working with clients from many different backgrounds dealing with challenges as varied as those presented in the lives of the formerly incarcerated to CEOs of major corporations, the founders of start-ups, venture capitalists and creative artists needing to find the balance between suffering and artistic expression, as well as adults navigating the complexities of life as part of groups easily “othered” in mainstream American culture (either by way of racial identification, gender fluidity, or immigration status). What I hear from my patients is that they value my fierce commitment to their progress and wellbeing and my genuine care for them as people. I am someone who truly loves what I do and fully understands and respects the privilege of finding the path of healing for each person and/or couple that I work with. I think it is because of that love that I am also good at what I do.